About our web quality assessment work

Difi works for the improvement of digital public services. One way we do this is by evaluating and ranking government websites and digital services. We use our own quality assessment criteria in this work.

Evaluations of approximately one hundred randomly selected government websites and services are carried out every other year. For example, we might assess a local municipality’s online application service for a kindergarten place, or the Norwegian Tax Administration’s tax return service. We perform a series of tests on such services and then rank them according to how well they score. The evaluations are indicator-based, often carried out by two experts for data quality assurance.

Our assessment criteria are based on recognised web standards, guidelines, best practice and political guidelines. The criteria comprise 33 criterion grouped into the following six categories for assessing services:

  1. Availability - how easy is it to find?
  2. Credibility - how trustworthy is it?
  3. Security – how safe is it to use?
  4. Functionality - how well does it work?
  5. Usability - how simple is it for anyone to use?
  6. Support – how easy it to get help to use the service?

Each criterion contains a detailed test description so that anyone can assess their own service, or website, if they wish. At present, the criteria are available in Norwegian only.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

E-mail: kvalitet@difi.no

Phone: +47 22 45 10 00

Twitter: @nettkvalitet

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16. Nov 2015